The legend of Koice and the green eyes (a simple scrambled key)

Below is a random piece of writing, it has no meaning, it carries but it’s own value with whom ever reads the simple scrambled key.

Standing in the darkness, far across and through the wall, those green eyes they just sit there, never telling stories, never saying words, keeping their world a mystery, far deep below the snow, where caves and mines, caves and mines, yes caves and mines, they hold nothing secret or worth being told, for as a hole they’re boring, apart from trolls or giants of old, now that might make a story, a little nonsense to be told, so should I venture further, and write some more of this, to reveal the legend Koice, or just go to sleep, to forget about the tale I was told, Koice they had a friend, though black the tale might be, the friend, they wrote it down, the set back, they left behind, a rambling mind and wits, all left on a cold rock stop, where their eyes iced tightly shut, to dream of but more eyes green, those the through and across far darkness, the in standing.

The dream of The legend of Koice and the green eyes, was a little strange to say the least, but take heed the legends ramblings, where the ice melts far beneath.

One response to “The legend of Koice and the green eyes (a simple scrambled key)

  1. The above random piece of rambling came along because, trouble was brewing in trying to come up with a transitional name for a character in the Splintered Lands stories. The character comes along early in the stories, but then exits suddenly, and then returns almost unrecognisable, grown up and considerably different since their introduction.

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