It stands on the mountainside (100 Poems)

A short few words about Australia’s Mountain Ash, of which all of the tallest are long since, but some are getting up there again.

It stands on the mountainside.

There it stands so strong,
With such a girth,
As thick as thirty men or more,
Clutching tight to the mountainside,
Where it reaches tall toward the sky,
Alone between the remnant lugs of old friends,
Caught between a simple road,
A vertical drop each side,
The road’s meandering, sweep and sway,

So passers by might tally for awhile,
In its lonely company as each season slides,
It seeks to reach a little further to the sky,
Scared and battered from past wild storms,
It still stands there, even fire has not worn,
But just slight marks of surface charcoal,
Here underneath heat of the southern sky,
Its green and silver grey lives on,
Clung here to the mountainside…

The Mountain Ash.

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