The Hattie’s New Command (Splintered Lands)

Revisiting this part of the Splintered Lands, but a little unsure where to take it now, as the Dark Sea is a bit of a mystery. Plus Ava and Snare are still yet to join the crew of The Hattie.

“Captain Swift, what’s with the birds? It’s as if they are flying into a wall.”

“Yes the wall; we are nearing the edge of the Dark Sea. Here the air is twisted, all bent out of shape, they say that neither sail nor wing is capable of surviving the vertical wind shear. But there must be a way to cross the threshold and move beyond this fringe that we have now been skirting for days.”

Captain Swift, a heavily tattooed female privateer from the north, whom has taken command on the Hattie since the old commander’s disappearance four months back, some say she is his daughter, but Charon as master of the ship doubts the hole filled tenuous tale about her origins. For Charon cannot recollect, nor any of the crew recall, even the slightest mention by old commander of her existence, until her arrival after his mysterious vanishing.

But Swift has come with knowledge of the commander’s past, that only those close to him would know. Charon is not buying into it though; the rumours that have been spreading from port to port over the last few months about her exploits in the north, have been too convenient and seems more a tangled web of deception.

Charon heads below for some food and drink as the bells sound at the end of his watch. As he passes Gunnell, the Hattie’s surgeon, Charon comments.

“There’s no let up in the dam wind shear, it looks like it’s back to port, doctor. ”

Instantly the ship’s bow lurches downwards, as the sound of the Hattie’s living timbers shatter an echo along the hull, the once standing pair launch head long down the passage….

Write away...

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