Birds, not paradise, a poem from the cuff.

Birds, not paradise, I wrote back in September as a piece of off the cuff writing for Sparkapalooza site The theme was Birds of Paradise, the poem below is what came of the result of how one persons take on paradise, might make another feel walled in and bored by the lack of change that paradise may evoke due to people being different.

Birds, not paradise

Paradise is like four walls,

Trapped in a world of little change,

A place of constant colours,

Where textures rarely range.


I’d rather find the fringes,

As the birds they sometimes do,

Or the dark and distant places,

Beyond the walls here set by you.


So give me freedom, not your bird’s trapped paradise,

With choices like arcadian, arboreal, and the air,

They come with changing moments, of beauty rich and rare,

From far across a desert, to waters and the mountainsides.


So please give me forests and the plains,

Or somewhere far on out to sea,

Give me places all so different, never static like your mind,

Choose freedom over paradise, surely, you’re not that blind.


The choices be, to take flight, swim, or run away from here,

For I don’t like your walled world, your frozen place in time,

As I live for such diversity, and freedoms so sublime,

I’ll not be a bird of paradise, I’ll be neither tethered here in fear.


So when chance and opportunity present,

I’ll leave this trapped small world of yours,

These thin veiled walls they will not hold,

For once I have my freedom, I will not need your gold…

2 responses to “Birds, not paradise, a poem from the cuff.

    • Cheers, I was probably angling more towards diversity, over the cage of paradise within an individual’s mind. Freedom becomes a byproduct of the action rather than a final result.

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