Splintered Lands Project: Snare’s challenge

As part of the “Splintered Lands Project” which is a loose collection of stories that follow three orphans, whom live in a world different to ours, one that had changed suddenly, but has since now recovered far into the future. A world where humanity have returned to a more tribal sense to living with the organic and inorganic surrounds to life. As the stories progress the three orphans lives become more entangled as they become thrown together from far flung corners of the planet, while their worlds’ are at the brink crumbling beneath their feet. The below forms part of the character, Snare’s introduction.

“Splintered Lands” started life back in 2007 when it had no title, and has since changed directions in terms of genre on two occasions. “Snare’s Challenge” has been in the process of being completely rewritten since August/September this year, and the small slither below is some of the result. So I hope it entertains a little, or at least takes your mind of reality for just a few moments.

River Art

Snare’s challenge

Looking up through the forest top, a realisation comes over Snare; to run, to run fast and get clear. For a deafening high-pitched scream, now set on an out of control free-fall is crashing across the treetops. The tearing and high speed crumpling metal can be heard under the over revolutions of the aircraft as it obliterates the canopy above. What the craft above is, Snare can only hazard at a guess. Each time he turns to try to get away from the chaos above, the calamity seems to follow. As if, the destiny of the above and he are now inextricably linked to one another at the root of their souls.

Splinters, chunks, and what only can be described as being tree confetti, rain down upon the forest floor. Snare does not know whether to keep running, or seek cover, but where. As Snare ponders the thought, a chunk of forest Huon slams into the back of his left shoulder. Turning his body in a twisting motion, Snare stumbles rapidly into a series of vines, smashing into the side of a tree.

The splinters and tree confetti continue to rain down on the unconscious Snare, as the once airborne craft slams deep into the forest floor up ahead. Explosions, with powerful percussive waves rip through the forest, as a series of fireballs rise over a mile into the sky. Smoke and a dust haze soon fill the forest, as a series of small fires start to take hold.

Snare wakes from his collision to see the fire and dust cloud rising high into the sky, leaning back and looking up to where once there was the tops of trees. No time to waste sitting here, Snare thinks. Born with an inquisitive mind, though a little groggy and with a busted shoulder now, he leaps to his feet to take off towards the crash site up ahead.

As Snare nears ground zero, the devastation and destruction begins to resemble a desert more than the forest that he has been a forester for over the last three years. Strange clad bodies in various states completeness litter the trees and ground, with a vast array of torn or molten metals, and other materials never seen by Snare before.

Standing deep inside the crash zone, Snare looks around in his dazed state, stumbling, and then falling to his knees on the scorched earth. The nightmares come flooding back, the invasion of his peoples lands of origin, by the un-naturals from the regions know as “The Dark Sea”. What now!? What now!? Snare thinks, as he drifts in his mind, back to a past he would rather soon forget.

Collapsing backwards into the churned up burnt soil, Snare’s mind rushes back to that time of chaos and challenges.

6 responses to “Splintered Lands Project: Snare’s challenge

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    • This is part of a large set of stories that follow the lives and adventures of three characters that face many challenges to reclaim who they are in life.

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    • Yes, a longer tale, many words and still going. It’s almost like another world falling between the cracks in a new but aging place. Thanks, Julie.

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