A short Tale: Blinded

The micro flash tale below came to mind when the talk and announcement of uranium mining might/will be starting up in Queensland again, after the state government lifted a ban of 30 years. The idea for the little story, came out of influences from another writer’s depiction of lovers lives ending in a nuclear blast.



Blinded by a blue flash of light, a radiant heat rips through buildings, punching scorched holes filling with vaporised radioactive air. As they cut to the core, rippling shock-waves tear deep rifts through the face of the once grand building. Embedding long shallow shadows, cast in the turbulent light beneath the now deep churned dust. Particles fill the air, flung at tremendous velocity miles into the atmosphere. A small girl stands still at the base of a buckled cinder-block wall. Looking up, she’s just beyond the full force of the chaos, the devastation, as slowly particles like snow begin to fall, for now her summer ends.

Write away...

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