100 Poems Project: Fair weather friends

Reflecting on a friend, whom does not feel the need for modern conveniences, and pursues an alternative life style without money, or the receiving of charity, but for that of fair trade. A few things have been swapped around, even the voice switches. But this one came hot out of the head 6pm today, it was a fun 20 minutes, only did a brief edit just then.

River in flood, better days ahead for a person

Better days ahead

Fair weather friends.

Fair weather friends will leave you,
Leave you now so far behind,
They’ll take your girlfriend, then drink your wine,
Till in the darkness you’re now blind,

Those fair weather friends don’t know you,
They dumped you on the side of the road,
Then took your money, and all your clothes,
Leaving you homeless in just those rain soaked clothes,

Homeless in rain soaked clothes,
Just homeless and nowhere to go,
Their doors are bolted, and windows locked,
Is there anywhere else, anywhere else left to go,

So I took my bare feet walking,
And headed on down to the sea,
I sat on the sand, the wind in my hair,
This so seems so like the life for me,

So here I built a home, made from stone,
For to live my life in a place set so free,
With wild raspberry wine, I made wild gardens as fine,
All here far beneath the tall windswept dune trees,

Fair weather friends, you can forget me,
I’ve now moved on far from there,
To a place where I’m happy in the rain and bare feet,
Where time is kind and true friends don’t mind,

To come visit and share in kind,
As we drink wild raspberry wine,
By the waves and tides of the sea,
Where living is kind and laid back.

5 responses to “100 Poems Project: Fair weather friends

    • Thanks, John. The 100 poems has been going for awhile, the site is new, so will see how it goes. The poem projects for me, offer a quick respite from writing short stories.

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