Local Fun this year – Art, Music, and Books.

This year has been some fun, met some local artists and musicians, have bought some local products, and supported a couple of local possible projects. And have come across some interesting art

Saltwater Crocodile

Earlier in the year supported a fun Pozible project for book of a collection of entertaining poems titled, “Gone Dotty” by Kate Toon. Here is where you can get a copy if you are interested.




Secured a tee shirt for a mad keen rockclimbing friend’s birthday from Handjam. The tee is titled, Frog Buttress Rockclimbing T-shirt. Frog Buttress is a rockclimbing site located on Mount French in what is known as The Scenic Rim of South-East Queensland.




Bought Busby Marou’s CD. The band are local to Central Queensland, and have found a good sound, and also have been doing much touring for their music gigs. http://busbymarou.com/



Met Jet James at The Village Festival on the Keppel Coast this year. He a mixed media, print artist that now calls Yeppoon home and is one of the people behind The Mill Gallery in Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast.





Met Kate Leahy, another local muso from the Central Queensland Coast at a Walter’s Lounge event, and picked up both her current and previous EPs.




Here is an artist I have only come across in the last few weeks, Jo Wooler, whom creates stainless steel sculpture under the name Mojo Creations. Recently Jo has started branching out into wearable forms of her art. Feel free to check out some of her work.




Also supporting another Pozible project, that is still running, by Blue Mountains based folk/pop music artist Rachael Brady and music partner Nigel Kerr for their third album together. If you are interested in supporting, or just want to have a listen.




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