Beyond the crux, as wild as she can be.

A poem about a rock climbing friend, but it can work as an analogy for a struggle with any challenge in life, where you are taken to your limits and beyond.

As wild as she can be, the hard life of the rock’s surface can be brutal, as the weather changes, her choices she makes, wound within the heat, the cold, no misery, not blasted by the rain or snow, but caught on a blustery belay, beyond the crux…

Lone Rock

Beyond the crux

To tell of her once slight tale,
She was born out of a boom,
caught somewhere high up on a rock,
inverted on some plus five crux,

There to Stretch beyond,
Beyond her spider monkey reach,
To have to leap, a launching turn,
Grasp, lift, push, beyond short limits,

Dark hair wraps around her face,
The matted locks, like cat tales in the blue,
A counter weight to gravity above vertical,
At the tipping point to failure, to failure,

The crux it thinks it’s won, not beyond,
One last gasp to right the fresh inversion,
Catching toe to shoulder, body rock to time,
In the giant to press, at last above strangler’s crux,

In a final crack walk, hand over foot,
To touch the top, the tear’d sun,
For now her fresh tale has a new course,
Another challenge, another place to live….

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